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Instant Valuation


Selling your home usually begins by asking one ( or more ) local agents to visit and provide a market appraisal . So how do you choose which agent to invite? The following points will give you a good insight into finding the best agent for you :

Opening hours – Put simply, the longer your agent is available to discuss your property with potential buyers,  the more likely they are to sell it for you. At S J Smith, our office opening hours are longer than any of our competitors, giving us a significant advantage when it comes to finding a buyer for you. We are also the ONLY local agent to open seven days a week as well as bank holidays so you can rest assured that we will find the buyer for you quicker than anyone else! .


Finding you the best buyer and achieving the very best possible price for your property comes down to showing it at it’s very best, and that means marketing. At S J Smith we use the highest quality laser printed brochures with professional floor plans, we feature your property on our own bespoke website and to maximise the advantages of the internet we will also feature your property on the most prominent portal websites . We use both email and SMS/text messaging to make sure potential buyers receive details of your property as soon as possible, and we also use good old fashioned post so that the less ‘hi tech’ buyers don’t miss out either . To us, a key aspect of marketing is to have a strategy in place and we work with you prior to launching your property onto the market so that we all have a clear idea of the route to the outcome that we want – a smooth sale to the best buyer, at the very best price . This contrasts with many estate agents who’s idea of a marketing strategy is ‘we’ll put it on the market and see what happens’!. A planned strategy will mean finding a better buyer, more quickly.


One of the biggest causes of frustration to sellers is lack of contact and updates from their agent. At S J Smith we make keeping in touch with our clients a priority so we ensure that you get feedback from a viewing of your property the very next day and as further peace of mind we guarantee an update call once a week as a very minimum. It’s also reassuring to know that it is our company policy to return all phone calls the same working day, something we take very seriously. 


An experienced agent can make a huge difference to the price you achieve by negotiating effectively on your behalf with your buyer. In the same way, an inexperienced agent negotiating for you could cost you thousands. At S J Smith all negotiations are handled either personally by a director or under a directors close and immediate supervision – we will never leave your most valuable asset in the hands of junior staff, something which sadly happens at many of our competitors.


Ultimately, estate agency is about people, so choose the agent you feel most comfortable dealing with and the one you’d be the happiest to pick up the phone to if difficulties should arise during  a sale or purchase – as your agent, we are there to be your advisor, guide and shoulder to cry on, although we do our best to avoid tears as much as possible!.  At S J Smith we are incredibly fussy about the people we employ and as a result we have some of the best staff you’ll find in any agency locally, people who take a pride in their work, are honest in their dealings and know the local area inside out. They are the reason we’re able to say with absolute confidence that at S J Smith, we won’t let you down.