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August is the most popular month to move house

30-July-2019 10:52
in General
by Admin

New data has revealed that for the last 12 years, August is the most popular month to move.

According to research, August 30th is predicted to be the busiest moving day for Brits this year!

Based on figures from the English Housing survey, there was 625,000 owner occupier moves in England in 2016-2017 – approx. 1,700 moves per day. 3.8 times this level (approximately 6,500 moves) are expected on the most popular day.

Why is August a popular month? This is due to homeowners tending to move during the school summer holidays, this gives their children time to settle into their new home in time for starting back at school in September.  

It might seem sensible to move on a Friday, so you have the weekend to settle in and unpack. However, on Friday, August 30th, with a large number of moves expected to be happening, you should make sure you are very organised if this is your moving date!

Here are some tips on how to avoid moving day delays…

You might consider suggesting a mid-week move to your property chain. Point out the downside of picking to move on a busy day. You could get savings on your overall costs, for example a removals firm might offer mid-week deals.

If you do plan to move on a Friday, get your solicitor to arrange the mortgage money from your lender the day before completion, that way it can be transferred first thing on the day of the move.

If you are moving in August, things will be a lot busier. Get removals quotes as soon as you can, you want them ready to go as soon as you have exchanged contracts.

If you’re doing your own packing then start as soon as your removal company is booked, it always takes longer than you think. Packing early also gives you time in the week to do any last-minute jobs you might have forgotten like redirecting your mail, meter readings or making arrangements for children or pets to be looked after on the day of the move.

We hope are tips will help you have a smooth moving day. If you do need any other property advice, do get in touch with us here.