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How Interior Design Can Help Sell Your Home

30-June-2021 14:54
in General
by Admin

Who doesn't want to sell their property for a good price? But for this to happen, homeowners need to get a few things in place. A great place to start is to use clever interior design tips to help stage it nicely before putting it on the market.

Did you know that the offer price of a home can be increased by between one to five per cent by using good interior design to present the property and highlight its best features? Simply put, sprucing up the look and feel of your property to appeal to buyers will help it sell better than un-staged properties.

Let's take a look at some top interior design tips that can help to boost your asking price.

1: Declutter and open up space

If you still live in the property, it can help to remove as much personal stuff as possible and move out any large pieces of furniture that may be blocking the flow of air and light in your rooms. This lets potential buyers visualise their own possessions in the property.

2: Repair or replace broken things

Make sure that everything is in perfect condition. Even the small things like doorknobs, light switches, skirting boards, and finger plates are all fixed in place and are not loose, cracked, or worn out. Oil creaking door hinges and fix taps that drip – even if you have become used to these things, potential buyers will be alert to them.

3: Use neutral colours

One of the most important interior design tips to use when selling is to neutralise the paintwork. Use subtle colours that are neither too white nor too bright. You don't want to dazzle your viewers but instead invite them in with subtle colours that are easy on the eye, such as oatmeal and cool coffee and cream colours.

4: Arrange your furniture with care

You don't want your home to look too cluttered or too bare. You need just enough furniture to give an impression of a warm and welcoming home, but it should be placed to complement the best features of your home. Place sofas and chairs away from walls and French windows to give the appearance of plenty of light and space.

5: Mix and match your colour scheme

Keeping your colour scheme neutral and simple doesn't make it look boring. You can mix and match your soft furnishings against the colours of the walls. Add a contrasting colour with soft cushions to give bedrooms and living rooms a more eye-catching focus.

6: Deep clean your soft furnishings

Lastly, clean as you have never cleaned before! Staging a home for sale is more than making it look visually beautiful. You also need to appeal to the other senses such as smell to make the best first impression on a prospective buyer.

Steam cleaning carpets, curtains, and furniture can help to rid your soft furniture of any lingering smells that are trapped in the fibres. It can also get rid of trapped dirt and dust and will brighten up your soft furnishing and make them look good.

With a few interior design changes, it can be amazing how profitable your efforts could be. Following these tips can help to boost the value of your property and increase the offer price that prospective buyers will make.

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