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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling

29-September-2020 12:37
in General
by Admin

There are a few things sellers need to avoid in order to get their property noticed more on the market.


The price of your home is the first thing the buyer will notice, so you need to make sure when you value your home it’s done right.

An overpriced property can scare potential buyers away from arranging a viewing and making an offer. You should seek the help of a professional estate agent to help you establish a fair price based on the local market.

Do your own research as well, how much are other properties in your area? Does your home offer anything extra that other properties in the area don’t?

Bad Photos

When putting your home on the market, good quality photos are important. People tend to browse online for places they like and badly taken photos can be what stops a potential buyer form even viewing your home.

You need to make sure the photos show off your property at its best. No one likes to see a messy home, that’s not easy on the eyes. You also need to present your home how it’s shown in the pictures when people come to view it.

Too Much Personality

You need to consider not making your home too personalised. Not everyone has the same tastes as you and future buyers need to envision themselves living there and they can’t if things are too loud or there’s a lot of stuff.

Picking The Wrong Agent

Do your homework when choosing an estate agent. It’s an important decision and will have a big impact on how quickly your home sells, and for what price. You want an agent with plenty of experience and knowledge of the local area.

Hopefully with these tips your home will be snapped up!

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