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Top Tips for a Bathroom Makeover when Selling

29-July-2021 13:44
in General
by Admin

If you’re decorating or renovating your bathroom, you want to pay close attention because this is one of the rooms that could make or break your sale. If a buyer doesn’t feel they can live with what is there, it could mean adding a large chunk of money onto their outgoings in order to complete the work that they feel is necessary.


Whatever your relationship with your bathroom, you need to ensure that you are thinking about what will work best for the type of home you have. Making the space work for the type of people viewing your home is a must. You don’t want to design a bathroom in a family home that isn’t functional for a family to use. 


It’s a reasonable aspiration to be your own person builder/plumber/electrician. Before you start to rearrange things, at least consult an expert. Mistakes can be costly, easy to make, and not that easy to fix. Talking to an expert will help you design your bathroom with a more practical and functional mindset. So, before your design gets fully underway, consult a plumber and a builder, as they will be able to offer the best advice on where to locate plumbing, lighting, and sanitaryware. 


Gone are the days of seashells, encased in resin, proudly sitting in your toilet seat. Why do people adorn their bathroom with a nautical theme? These are questions we cannot answer. 

But we can throw in a few tips about your decor to help maximise your appeal to potential buyers. 

Link together your bathroom's colour scheme. You want something that is modern and mature, that ebbs you into a relaxed state. If you are going to use some colour, keep it neutral as not everyone likes bright colours. Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel larger and brighter. Think about your ceiling space, do you have high ceilings? If not, how can you use paint to make your room look larger? 

If you create a desirable ‘WOW’ factor space, it should increase the value and sale time of your home.


Do not make storage an afterthought. Your room needs to be practical and gorgeous. There are lots of great ways that you can create a space that functions effectively. Make sure to factor this into your plan, look for storage opportunities at every point, even small ones. Make them feel integrated and not added on as an afterthought. Storage for fresh towels, cosmetics, drying towels, waste bin, all need to be thought about and carefully planned. You want to be able to portray a clean, uncluttered, and tidy space when conducting viewings. 


Even if you have the cash to splash, don’t go too wild. You don't want to spend thousands on a home you are planning to sell. Rather than getting a full bathroom fitted, have a browse online for second-hand and reclamation pieces. There are lots of ways to piece together a dream bathroom for less money.

We do hope you found these tips useful? If you are looking to sell and need advice on how best to proceed, please do get in touch with our team here