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Quick garden fixes to help attract buyers

29-May-2020 11:17
in General
by Admin

Summer is a great time to put your home on the market. It is not just the indoors that needs to impress buyers, your front and back garden are also very key selling points. Especially the front, it is the first thing viewers will see. You have to make a good impression right off the bat otherwise they will automatically think negatively about the property.

Hanging baskets and planters

These immediately brighten up the place, if placed at the front they automatically give colour and life to an otherwise dull garden. You can create these yourself or buy pre-planted ones to save you the effort – just make sure whatever plant you choose they are watered regularly.

Front garden spring clean

Your front garden is what welcomes the viewers when they first arrive. Even if you do not have much, just giving the patio a good clean can make all the difference. Use a power washer to clean the concrete and driveway, use weed killer, pull out any stubborn weeds and clear away rubbish.

Fragrant plants

You can use flowers to add colour and a pleasant smell to your outdoor space. You can plant these into pots, add hanging baskets or plant in boarders. So, when viewers arrive, not only will they be impressed, they will be hit by a delicious scent, you can use flowers like, wisteria, roses, or lavender.

Lawn makeover

If your lawn is overgrown, full of weeds or has dry patches it will make viewers feel you have not taken care of your garden. Tidying your lawn does not need to be expensive – mow it and clear weeds. If you have bald patches you can try seeding these before the weather gets too hot, or even replace patches with new turf. If you have a lot of work that needs to be done, it is best to get a professional gardener in to give your garden the care it needs.

Pop of colour

As well as using plants to bring life to the front and back garden, you can also use lighting. Lights are not only good for security; they can add an elegant and whimsical feel too. You can get fairy lights to put around trees or use solar lamps to mark a pathway. Add motion sensor lights to the front door, this again brings an element of safety to the home.

We hope these tips will help you spruce up your outdoor space and get that all important offer on your home!

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