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Staging Your Living Room

28-June-2022 14:25
in General
by Admin

Selling your home? You need to be proactive and make sure you present your property in the best way possible.

You want to entice potential buyers and get the best price possible, remember bad presentation can mean you get a lot less for your home.

Below we list our staging tips for your living room.


Clutter is never good, especially in a room you relax in after a long day. Removing anything that is not necessary will make the room look bigger. If you have large furniture pieces or lots of personal items, try to remove them. You might be used to it, but potential buyers want to imagine how their belongings would look if they bought your home and this can be difficult if there is too much stuff.  

Make it welcoming. 

Making small changes really can make all the difference.


Adding some brightly coloured flowers or plants can make a big difference. They can make a house feel welcoming and alive. Some people can be allergic but 99% of the time people viewing your home will appreciate the effort.


Adding a couple of subtle pieces of art can really make a property standout and make the selling journey a pleasant one.  

It’s important to try to create a viewing experience, and showing potential buyers that your home is well cared for is a must.  


Different people will have different tastes when it comes to scents but it’s always good to have a home that smells nice when you enter. The popular smells to entice potential buyers used to be fresh baked bread or coffee – we actually have a better solution. Invest in some diffusers or candles, they are an easy way to bring a fresh and inviting smell into your home.


Bright and airy spaces are a big selling point, so make sure you open any blinds or curtains when conducting viewings and add some daylight bulbs to give that extra light into your living room. Viewings can take place at different times of the day, make sure the room looks inviting and bright even if the sun chooses to be absent during your viewing.


Bright colours are great, but tastes differ. You may love bright purple, but it could easily put potential buyers off.  When selling it's best to keep to neutral colours. However, if you do have a brightly coloured room, it’s fine! Follow our other top tips and your perfect buyer will snap up your home.

Another perspective

Look at moving furniture around to see the room from a different viewpoint. It’s easy to get used to your living space and not realise you could do a lot more with the space!

It’s easy to make small changes that don’t take too much time or effort but make a big difference when potential buyers are viewing your home.

If you are looking to sell locally and need advice – our team will be happy to help.

Do please feel free to get in touch with us here.