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How to upgrade your property on a budget

27-August-2019 14:18
in General
by Admin

You really don’t need to spend a lot on your home to give it a new lease of life. You can easily make changes for very little cost and make your home stand out to buyers. Forget costly renovations, small changes can make a big impact and up the appeal of your home dramatically.

Below are some ways to make changes on a budget

You are in your home daily, but you probably don’t look at it through a buyers’ eye! Consider doing a walk-through of each room in your home and list anything you feel needs to be replaced or repaired.

You need to be objective, think about asking a family member or friend to assist. Look for dated styles, bright and bold colours/patterns and fixtures that look like they need some TLC. Once you have your list, think about a cost and set a date to complete your list.

A great way to freshen up any home is with a coat of paint. The cost for this can be minimal especially if you’re good at painting and have time to do it yourself. Painting will transform any room instantly! Do stick with neutral tones, not everyone likes bold colours and soft tones are more pleasing to most.

A home is unique to whoever lives there! A modern home is great but try to have balance.

Your kitchen and bathroom are a known focal point for buyers. As the most commonly used rooms in the house, more effort should be made to ensure they are looking their best. An old looking toilet or shower, discolored or missing grout, leaky taps or outdated appliances can be easily replaced for a small cost.

Anyone interested in buying your home will know instantly whether they like it or not, so give a good first impression. A buyer is not only looking at the inside of your home, the property viewing starts from the outside… Kerb-appeal is a great way to entice a buyer.

Make sure the pavement outside your property is clear and make your front door look inviting. Painting the outside of your home can dramatically change its look. Also, trim hedges, plant some flowers and move any bins or clutter.

Making these small changes will make a difference to the overall look and price of your home.

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