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Tips to Stage a Bedroom when Selling!

27-May-2022 11:11
in General
by Admin

Statistics show empty houses are more difficult to sell as most people find it hard to envisage how a space can be set up.  

It can also be the case if a room is overly cluttered – potential buyers can find it hard to see beyond all the stuff.

So, the first rule for staging – less is more, but remember there needs to be balance. As sometimes less can be just that – less.  

You don’t want to go too sparse either.

The 2nd rule is to have a budget in mind and try to stick to it.  

Don’t go overboard and buy lots of expensive things that aren’t necessarily needed. Yes, you are trying to “sell” the room and your home but when you're buying additional items ask yourself if they’re actual must-haves. 

Below are some quick tips for staging a bedroom!

You don’t want to overfill the space – if your bedroom looks cramped consider removing any furniture that’s not needed. You want it to feel roomy – a cramped space will no doubt put potential buyers off and your sale may take longer.

A bedroom should be a calm space that you can retire to after a long day. Try to use colours that are calming so when buyers view your home they feel like it’s a room they would definitely want to “retreat to at the end of the day. You want to make a good impression – natural colours are the best bet if you're selling, blue is a good choice for a bedroom.

Make sure the décor is kept simple, you want neutral coloured accessories that appeal to the masses. Remove anything that could be a negative distraction. Update anything that looks old or outdated as these will be a big turn-off to most people.  

If you really aren’t sure how to create a space that’s going to appeal to buyers. You may want to look at hiring a professional to help. While it may cost you, a dowdy, outdated bedroom won’t help you to sell your home.  

Do you need advice on staging for a sale?  

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