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Selling Your Home in Spring

26-March-2021 14:00
in General
by Admin

Even though the use of online platforms has made it easier for prospective buyers to search for homes, spring is still the traditional time for activity in the property market. This time of year remains the peak time for buying and selling property.

Here are some reasons why this is the case and how it can help you.

Spring is a Busy Time

Spring is a busy time for buyers and sellers. Even though winter is starting to increase in popularity, many people still choose spring as the ideal time. However, with more buyers and properties on the market in winter, competition is fierce and that can affect the spring market.

More Buyers

Be ready for the spring market. More people are looking to buy in spring, when there are willing buyers you need to put your property in front of them to showcase what you have.

More Buyers Can Lead to Higher Property Prices

The heightened level of competition may increase the price of a property, as more people are looking to buy – this is great as a seller.  

More Views in Better Weather

Online searches are important for prospective buyers, as are actual viewings. When the weather is good people are more likely to want to head out and view the property. The higher the volume of viewings the more likely it is that you will sell your home.

Your Home Looks Better in Good Weather

First impressions are everything and the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Cleaning the outside of your home, adding a fresh lick of paint, and filling in any cracks will do wonders, especially when the sun is hitting your home.

Settling Before Summer

People like to move in spring so they can settle into a new home for the summer. This means buyers are more likely to want to make deals during this time.

Financial Year

For some people, the financial year can impact their property movements. This can be another factor why spring is a popular time of year.

Selling and buying in Spring has its benefits and it can be a highly competitive time. If you are looking to sell, now’s the time.

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