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Security Tips for Students

25-August-2020 12:28
in General
by Admin

When students go away to university, they tend to be too excited to think about whether they have the right security for their home.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your student home feel safe.


Having good insurance in case the worst happens is always important. Universities may have this included when living in dorms and other accommodations but it’s always best to check. Even if you are covered you may need extra cover for bikes or things you use around campus e.g. laptop.

Lock Doors and Windows

Many students leave their rooms unlocked when they go out or leave their windows open. You need to remember there are still strangers living around you, you don’t know the people living in the same dorm as you so, be careful an make sure to lock everything before you leave.

Break-ins tend to happen when everyone in the flat is out, so be cautious.

Basic Home Security Tech

You can’t just rely on the measures your university takes. Private landlords would also do their best to have updated locks on windows and doors but there are some simple things you can do to get that extra safety. You can get some affordable security cameras that are battery powered.

Also, make sure to get permission from everyone living around you if you install thing that may intrude with their privacy.

Do not Show It Off

Breaking into a property is risky, so burglars tend to case places that they know has expensive things. Never leave laptops or valuables in front of the windows, make sure to keep curtains and blinds shut when you’re away – also keep valuables in a safe if possible.

Keep Thieves Guessing If You’re Out

If they think people are inside, they will not break-in. Some may stake out the property for weeks and try to get an idea of who comes in and out. Putting lights on timers and maybe leaving the light on when you go out in the evening could help. As well as using the rear exits to fool anyone trying to monitor your movements.

Hopefully, these tips can help keep students safe and allow them to have a good time without worrying about their things.

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