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Tips For Selling Your House If You Have Pets

24-October-2022 15:26
in General
by Admin

We are a nation of pet lovers, but no matter how much we love our furry friends, your potential home buyers may not be so keen. Chances are, that your prospective home buyer won't be enthralled by the smell of your cat's litter tray or the dog hairs embedded in your carpets. 

Strong pet odours can be very off-putting, especially if the buyer doesn't have pets of their own. Cat claw marks on the door frames or garden gate isn't going to win over your viewers either. However, there are a few tips and remedies that you can employ to help sell your house without banishing your pets to friends or relatives until your home is sold. 

Here are some top tips to use when selling your home when you have pets. 

1: Vanquish pet odours 

Most homebuyers will overlook some minor issues with a property, but first impressions do count when showing your home. Presenting your home in a good light goes beyond making the place look tidy. Pet odours can be overwhelming for viewers, especially when first entering the house from the fresh outdoor air. Opening the windows, burning some scented candles, and keeping bedding clean with regular washing can help reduce or eliminate most pet odours. Empty and wash food bowls when viewings are scheduled. 

2: Deep clean carpets and soft furnishings 

Give your home a deep clean to eliminate pet dander and smells trapped in carpets, curtains, and soft furnishings. Many people are sensitive to pet dander, so cleaning carpets and soft furnishing of trapped dander will help prevent viewers from sneezing fits, runny noses, and streaming eyes. Wash down hard floors and walls to remove muddy paw prints and clean up any little presents left in the garden and outdoor space. 

3: Get your house photo ready 

Prepare your home for a good set of photos to advertise your house in a good light. Remove pet bedding, feeding bowls, and toys, and remove as much clutter as possible to give your photographs clean lines and well-lit corners. Your property photos are a significant part of the first impression you give to prospective buyers, so you want them to be as professional as possible. 

4: Finish off DIY tasks 

Repair any damage done to your home by your pets. Sand down and repaint wooden door frames that have been clawed and scratched by your cat. Repair or replace any wooden spindles on your staircase that your dog chewed as a young teething puppy. Check kitchen cabinet doors and handles for chewing or scratching damage and fix or replace them. 

5: Temporarily rehome your pets (maybe) 

While the thought of rehoming your pets while you sell your house may not feel good, if it helps sell your property quicker, it may be a good move. Close family and friends may be able to look after your beloved pets until you have secured an offer on your home. If you have a well-behaved pet that won't interfere with your viewings, then keeping it at home may be OK, but make sure their bedding is clean and fresh smelling, and they are fed before or after your house viewing. 


When selling your home, if you have pets, put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers. Not everyone viewing your home will be keen on pets, so don't reduce your chances of an offer being made by those without them. 

Make your property as clean, fresh-smelling, and welcoming as possible with our tips, which will help boost your chances of a sale.

 If you are looking to sell locally and need assistance, our team will be happy to help. 

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