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Tips for Finding the Perfect Rental Property

24-January-2023 11:26
in General
by Admin

Finding the perfect rental property can be tricky, so it helps to know exactly what you’re looking for. Our tips below should help you to get started on your search.

What are your needs?

It’s important when finding a property that you know what your ‘must haves’ are. If something is essential to your way of life, don’t compromise. You want to look at homes that will complement your lifestyle. For instance, if you need to drive to work daily, you’ll need a home that provides easy and safe parking near the property. Making sure your needs are met is important, as you’ll probably regret living in a home that causes you stress.

However, you want to be open-minded and realistic about what your needs really are. For example, if a home with outdoor space will overstretch your finances, you could look for somewhere with lots of accessible green space locally.


You might want to move to an area that you know well or be closer to family and friends, but again be open-minded here. Look at your budget and let this guide your search. You could find a more affordable area that means less travel time to work! So, be open to maybe getting to know a new area especially if it’s more affordable for you.  

Property viewings

You might be lucky and love the first one you view, but for most renters that doesn’t happen. Have time free in your week to attend viewings, as it’s a competitive market. If you do find a property that looks good online, you’ll need to be quick and book a viewing. Make sure you only book viewings for homes that you think have real potential, as you’ll just waste time looking at unsuitable homes and miss out on the ideal place to live.

Decide quickly

If you do find a great property, you’ll want to be quick and snatch it up before it goes to someone else. Demand is high, so come to your decision quickly before you miss out. Also, if a home isn’t right, get back to your search quickly before you miss out on other suitable homes.

Have paperwork ready

If you’ve had an application accepted, finding all the paperwork can be stressful, and you could miss your move-in date if something is incomplete on your application. Try to have all your documents ready in advance, these usually include:

Your ID (a driving license or UK passport, along with a birth certificate)

Proof of address

Details of guarantor (if required)

Three months of bank statements

Employer reference

Current landlord/character reference

Lastly, try not to feel too stressed out or disheartened if you do miss out on the perfect rental, remember, there are lots of listings on the market and you’ll no doubt find the one that’s right for you soon enough.  

We hope you enjoyed our blog and found our tips useful.

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