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Long Term Considerations If You’re Moving Soon

22-September-2020 12:49
in General
by Admin

There are a few ways to increase the value of your home, some are more expensive than others, but each are a good investment. You want to attract the right buyers and making sure your home is well maintained will do just that.

Central Heating

Having working heating around the home is a plus for potential buyers especially in the UK. Install full gas or oil heating to the property and it will definitely add some more value to your home.

Double Glazing

A lot of modern homes already have double glazing installed, not only is it better in terms of holding its own against harsh weather. But they are also very energy efficient, you don’t get drafts and it can lessen outside noise.


Having updated appliances especially in the kitchen is a huge selling point, stylish and modern appliances are always a safe bet and great selling point.


A typical 4 bed home with an en-suite to the master bedroom will be more expensive than an equivalent property without en-suite.


This is one of the most expensive options but if you can afford it, it can give you the biggest return. A loft conversion can add up to 23% to the value of your property. However, make sure you get planning permission before doing any extension work.

These tips should help you make the best out of your property and attract more buyers when you are ready to sell.

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