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How to find a property to buy

21-August-2019 13:49
in General
by Admin

As most properties are listed online, it’s now even easier to find your perfect property. Although, due to there being such a large selection to view, it’s worth thinking about exactly what you’re looking prior to looking; doing this will help you know your requirements and narrow the options.

We have listed below what you’ll need to think about before staring your property search!

Cost – have a serious think about what you can afford to spend each month on a mortgage your bills.

Property size – think about how many bedrooms you need. Do any of the rooms need to be doubles?

Where to live – you should have a rough idea of the location of where you want to buy.

Before you start your property search you should have an idea of how many rooms you need, the budget you have and locations you are interested in. House-hunting can feel quite scary, especially if you’re a first-time buyer and have never looked at buying a property before.

It will make it easier if you ask yourself the below:

Are transport links important? Do you need them to be close to you?

If commuting, how much travel time would you be comfortable with?

How far away from friends and family are you willing to move?

What do you like about where you currently live?

What things do you dislike about where you live and what would you like to avoid when you move?

What are the ‘must haves’ for your new home?

What amenities do you need or want in the local area?

Is it a long-term home?

Now that you are clear about what you need, you’re ready to start looking at properties!

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