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How to Maximise Sunlight in Your Home

21-February-2023 11:28
in General
by Admin

If you are looking to sell your home quickly and add value, improving the lighting in your home could be the key. Showcasing your home in the perfect light is crucial if you’re selling, but it’s a factor that often gets overlooked.

Are you worried that there isn’t enough natural light in your home? If you’re not happy with how much light you have in your rooms, there are things you can do maximise sunlight. The best way to let more natural light into your home is by installing more windows. However, this is a very costly process. If this isn’t an option for you, there are other tips and tricks you can try to increase the amount of sunlight in your home.

The use of mirrors is a popular trick when trying to increase natural light. You may find that your walls and furniture soak up the sunlight, so the use of well-placed mirrors will help natural light to be reflected around the room. You can also try positioning mirrors in key corners of rooms. This will also help to ‘bounce’ the natural light around the room.

Another way to maximise sunlight in your home is the use of light colours. Light colours such as cream and beige will reflect the natural light that enters the room instead of absorbing it. Reducing the use of dark block colours and painting your walls a lighter shade will help you to maximise sunlight in your home. Another helpful tip to consider is using paint with a satin finish; this reflects more light than matt paint.

You should also try and avoid window furnishings such as heavy drapes if you are hoping to get the most sunlight possible; heavy drapes in a small room will absorb most of the natural light. Instead, try using transparent curtains or installing blinds or shutters – this will give you improved light control. The use of soft hues is also another option to consider. They absorb much less light than dark ones.

You can also help maximise sunlight by having pale wood furniture and light-hued decorations. If you want to add some dark colours, consider small furnishings such as cushions so that it doesn’t significantly sacrifice light.

We hope you find our tips helpful, and they brighten up your home.

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