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How to prepare for a last minute viewing

21-February-2020 8:27
in General
by Admin

Most of the time, you’ll have a good time frame to work with so that you can make your house as presentable as possible before a house viewing. If your house is on the market, chances are you’re anticipating house viewings anyway, so you may be keeping your house tidier than usual.

However, something that can’t be anticipated in the house selling process is last-minute viewings. It sometimes feels like they come along at the worst times – sending us frantically running around the house trying to make it look as good as we can with the limited time we have. But fear not. We’ve put together a few of our best tips for making sure your home is looking its best at short notice.

Prioritise the kitchen and bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms can be the make or break for many looking to move into a new home. They’re the rooms which get the most attention, often because of their fixtures which can be expensive to replace.

Make sure that these rooms in the home are cleaned to a high standard before the viewing. Naturally prospective homeowners are going to be picky, so you don’t want to take any risks by giving them a reason to be put off by these areas. As well as cleaning, remove or organise any clutter to free up as much space as possible. This works great in making these areas appear more spacious and less overwhelming.

Clean up the kids’ rooms

Kids’ rooms get messy quickly, and although buyers may be more lenient knowing that kids can make a mess, you still want to make sure they’re impressed with the whole picture.

Focus on creating as much floor space when tidying these rooms if you’re in a rush. Kids find ways to get their toys everywhere, so making sure they’re out of sight and kept stored away will certainly help in showing off floor space. Once you’ve created the floor space, wipe surfaces down, make the beds and hoover if needed.

It’s all in the detail

If you’ve got time once you’ve cleaned the house, add some finishing touches to make your property homelier and make buyers more interested. Put together a fruit bowl for the kitchen, or place a nice bouquet in the living room. Add extra pillows and throw a nice blanket over the bed to give off the impression of comfort in the bedrooms. These small details will all work together in building the best picture so you can sell your property faster.

We hope our tips will help you have stress-free last-minute viewing!

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