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How to remodel your bathroom on a budget

20-March-2020 11:13
in General
by Admin

If you are selling your home and have an outdated bathroom, remodelling it can help add value to your property! A bathroom makeover can be costly, but not only will it help you to sell your home quicker, you will hopefully get a better price.

Here are some tips on how to make your bathroom look new on a budget.

Plan ahead

When redoing the bathroom there are certain things that need to be sorted before putting in new cabinets and flooring, any plumbing and wiring you need to do should be resolved first.

You should also keep an eye open on tile, flooring and accessory deals. This can help you plan a budget and get an idea of the type of bathroom you want.

You should have the finances available before redoing any room of the house, be aware of current prices before doing any renovations. Have a clear limit and stick to it, going over budget can happen quite easily.

Work with what you have

Perhaps your entire bathroom doesn’t need replacing, you could repaint your walls and cabinets or keep your tiles. Some things only need to be cleaned properly rather than replaced.

Keeping things you have can make it easier for you to concentrate on things you need and even spend a little more money on those essentials.

Do it yourself

You could save a lot of money from service alone, if there are things you and a family member for instance can do, then you don’t need to pay to get that done. Everything comes with an instruction manual and there is a lot of information on YouTube and Google that you can refer to.

This again, gives you more money to spend on the essentials.

Choose affordable things

This may seem like an obvious step, but sometimes you may buy things that are easy to obtain however not cheaply priced. Taking that extra step and looking at more obscure places can often get you the cheaper item.

Going to charity shops or looking at used items can work out cheaper. Some of these items might need a repaint or have a small scratch but usually with a little bit of care they can look brand new.

Some websites will do offers to remodel your whole bathroom with service included, but this may end up more expensive – shop around and go with the option that suits your needs best.

We hope our tips will inspire you to give your bathroom that much needed TLC.

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