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How to Make the Most of a Virtual Viewing

20-January-2021 10:47
in General
by Admin

Virtual viewings are a great way to help movers find their perfect home – especially with the current lockdown restrictions.

It allows buyers and renters to take an initial peek at a home from the comfort of their laptop, phone, or tablet and can help to reduce the number of physical viewings needed.

Video Viewings

You may not be in the room physically, but you can still gauge a property’s condition from a video.

We suggest you keep in mind the following:

-       Any visible cracks in the walls and ceiling, and signs of dampness

-       If there’s enough storage

-       Condition of the windows whether they’re double glazed

-       Central heating situation

-       Kitchen and bathroom age

Also, if you are able to see an aerial shot this will give you an idea of the house surroundings.

Extra Research

Make sure you do your research. If you aren't able to scout the area physically you can check a lot of information online. These include location, size, and price. Make sure you’re prepared and have an understanding of the features of the house and if it might be the right property for you.

Virtual Viewings Compared to In-Person Viewings

For something as important as buying a new home seeing it in person is definitely the best choice. However, safety comes first and due to the current circumstance, virtual viewings are a close second. It will give you a general view of what the home looks like prior to arranging a viewing.

Once you’re sure it’s worth pursuing, you can then request a physical viewing where social distancing measures will be followed.  

Looking for a new home? Take a look at our current listings here and request a video tour.