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Kitchen updates to add value to your home

19-June-2020 11:03
in General
by Admin

A lot of the time our kitchens tend to be more than just a place to prepare food – they’re also a multifunctional space for entertaining, working, relaxing and dining. Having these versatile spaces can prove to be very useful and essential to our every day lives. However, if you’re planning on adding some value to your home without having to completely redo your kitchen, here are some tips to help.

Clean appliances and surfaces

A clean kitchen is vital, for one your kitchen should always be clean as this is the place you prepare and cook food. It’s very easy for grime and grease to build in corners and around the stove, it’s always best that you regularly take the time to clean it. Ovens also tend to be overlooked and they can look older than they are. For better results it’s best to hire someone to make sure your oven is sparkling clean.

If you’d prefer to DIY, some kitchen appliance companies do sell their own specially designed cleaning kits.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at your grouting, this is extremely important especially around areas of splash backs and wall tiles, as grubby sealant will make your home look damp.

Make your kitchen a social space

Many people are now looking for an open plan kitchen so they can cook and socialise at the same time. Add a sociable dining area to your kitchen to help buyers visualise using that space. To keep costs low you can try buying second-hand furniture and upcycling it.

Pay careful attention to detail

Little details are just as important, people tend to look at the smaller details and these could be letting the kitchen down, loose or wobbly fittings, rusty taps, and broken cabinet hinges. So, replacing these things or even just updating them for more modern ones is a good idea.

Decorate with light, airy colours

A fresh coat of paint will automatically make your kitchen look cleaner and brighten the space. If you want to sell avoid using darker colours, these can make the space feel claustrophobic and small. Light and airy colours can make the space open up and easier on the eyes.

A fresh coat of paint to other aspects of the kitchen can really help too, if your cupboard doors and storage units are worn out then painting these can make a difference.

We hope our tips will inspire you to spruce up your kitchen.

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