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17-August-2020 8:47
in General
by Admin

The latest data and analysis from has revealed that the UK property market has stepped up a gear and sent house prices soaring, fuelled by pent-up demand and delayed sales.

The report goes on to say ‘Asking prices are up again for a third consecutive month in all English regions, and the cumulative rise in the mix-adjusted average asking price for England and Wales over the last three months amounts to over £10,000!’

At S J Smith Estate Agents we had a phenomenally busy month in July, taking on vast amounts of new instructions at the same time as properties were being snapped up. Moreover, new listings are being placed on the market with markedly higher asking prices.

If you are considering a sale or are already on the market yet remain unsold, please contact S J Smith Estate Agents here and cash in on the (officialy!) soaring market!