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Do's and don’ts when conducting property viewings

16-May-2022 14:26
in General
by Admin

When any potential buyer views your home for the first time it really is a make-or-break situation. This means it can be pretty daunting – if you are stressing about viewings have a chat with your agent as they should be able to conduct viewings for you.  

A viewing is a way for you to wow potential buyers and show off the property. You need to make that all-important good first impression. Take a look at our tips to ensure you have a successful viewing.

Tidy and remove clutter

Anyone looking at your home needs to be able to see themselves living there. If every room is full of big, bulky furniture and personal items, it will be much harder for potential buyers to picture their belongings in your property. Try to store any non-essential items elsewhere or move them to an outbuilding or basement if that’s an option. Doing this will also make your home look bigger and more spacious.

It's a given that a house should be thoroughly cleaned prior to any viewings. Clean all surfaces and pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms as these are great selling points. This includes sinks and draining areas – make sure any washing up and clutter has been put away before viewers arrive.


Similarly, limit the number of family photos or mementos you have on display. The buyer needs to make an attachment to the property and imagine themselves living there. Displaying someone else’s personal items won’t help them to do this. Try to add non-personal items which show the property in a good light.


Even if your home is sparkling, an unpleasant odour can put viewers off straightaway.

A familiar smell that you may not be aware of could be instantly evident to anyone who isn’t used to it. There aren’t many things more off-putting to buyers than a strong smell of cigarettes, or animals. It’s the same for cooking smells, even if they would normally be inoffensive to most.

A way to cover these is to spray a fragrance throughout the house. However, you don’t know if someone viewing has allergies, or if they may simply find the smell unappealing. The best thing to do is open windows to let fresh air in.


For any property guarantees; like documents relating to plumbing, heating, building, or the roof it’s a good idea to have these available, whether anyone is present for the viewing, other documents relating to bills would also be a benefit to potential buyers.

If you’re conducting your own viewings do your homework so you’re knowledgeable about the area. Information on the school catchment or transport links may not be a priority to you but they could be to your potential buyer.

It’s better to have as much information as possible on-hand.

First impressions count

When you’re actually showing your home, start and end the viewing with that standout area. Good first impressions are a must, so starting well is important to any successful viewing.

Finishing in the same place will help cement this and create an effective lasting impact.

Space for viewers

You may want to follow viewers around so you can give any information required but don’t. Let them explore the house at their own pace and allow them to discuss it openly. If you’ve prepped your home correctly you should have no issues.

Keep in mind that potential buyers need to feel at ease and at home. Don’t try to oversell your home, just create a welcoming and relaxed mood.

If you would like to discuss selling or would like to arrange a market appraisal of your home, please do feel free to get in touch here.