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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

16-April-2021 9:55
in General
by Admin

Spring is upon us which means it’s the perfect time of year to start selling your property. As people are more eager to view properties in the sun, sellers really need to get their homes looking their best and in top condition.

Here are few spring maintenance tips to keep in mind.

The roof

Nothing puts a viewer off than a busted roof. No one wants to buy a property just to have to fork out more money for roof repairments or even a replacement. Spend some time checking your roof and loft for any signs of damage. Safety always comes first so if you’re unsure or cautious always hire a professional to inspect your roof.


Autumn and winter can be harsh, throwing leaves, branches, and all sorts of dirt into your guttering. Make sure they aren’t blocked or partially blocked. Again, if you’re unsure get a professional in to help.

The garden

A lot of people don’t like keeping up the maintenance of their garden during winter, it’s too cold and miserable. However, winter can really make your garden look rugged and unkept. Spending some time now collecting rubbish and leaves, power wash the patio, and wash any garden furniture. This could also be the perfect time to add in some fresh flowers. Flowers can really bring a wonderful pop of colour, pleasing to the viewers eyes.

The bathroom

The bathroom might be the smallest room but it’s used frequently and highly looked at with potential buyers. This is the time to clean the extractor fan, steam clean tiles, use a drain unblocker to ensure water is running smoothly and reduce any clutter.  

The bedroom

A bedroom is a place of relaxation, privacy, and sleep. The space needs to look tidy, intimate and decluttered.

Make sure to check for any mold, if the bed is up against the wall on the window side, make sure to pull the bed out and clean it thoroughly. As well as sort the clothes in your wardrobe or take them out if you can. People would want to see how much storage there is, especially if it’s a fitted wardrobe.

The living room

Dry clean any drapes or curtains. No one wants to see stains or run-down curtains, not only does it look unappealing but can make a room seem dull. Wash the windows and windowsills. People should be able to clearly see their reflections on the windows, not watermarks and grime. Steam clean the floor and carpets will need an uplift if they haven’t been properly cleaned in a while. 

The kitchen

Finally, declutter the kitchen, viewers need to see how much storage there is in the kitchen. Deep clean all appliances, oven, fridge, sink. Especially if the oven is staying, consider a professional clean.

When selling you only need to do a deep clean once and the rest of it is just a quick clean and dust.

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