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Tips for completing a loft conversion

16-April-2020 10:29
in General
by Admin

Adding a loft conversion will give you an extra room / storage and add value to your property. Converting a loft can take time but you will reap the rewards, it’s also a great selling point should you wish to ever put your house on the market.

Do you have permission?

Are you allowed to build a conversion? You might need planning permission if you’re changing the shape of the roof or creating more height. These regulations are in place so you can make sure the flooring can handle the weight of a conversion and to make sure stairs can be built – it’s worth checking prior to starting any work.

Is the loft a useable space?

You need to make sure you have enough space to convert. You may not have enough height to make it liveable or it may not be stable enough to hold heavy amounts of weight.

You should also optimise the space as much as you can, are you creating a study area? Bedroom? You need to consider what you’re making and alter it for that purpose.

Altering roofs and floor joist

The roof supports would need to be changed to make room for the conversion. As well the floor supports to be able to handle weight.

Adding windows

Natural lighting is important, you want the space to feel open and bright. Not dark and dull like a loft would be. Installing a window will help bring life to a room and make the place seem more homely.


You’ll need to be able to have lighting and use electronics, make sure any wiring that’s needed is completed by a certified professional.

If you’re including an en-suite you’ll need to add to your existing plumbing, again get professional advice as once evaluated you could need to upgrade the whole system.


Insulating can be a bit difficult, if you’re replacing the roof tiles at the same time you can insulate between the rafters and the covering, this will achieve good airtightness.

If you aren’t replacing the tiles the insulation would need to be cut and fitted between the rafters, as well as underneath. Walls and windows would also need to be insulated.

Fire Safety

The new floor would need at least 30 minutes of fire protection. The loft would also need to be separate by a door, either at the bottom or top of the stairs.

There should also be a smoke alarm fitted on every floor of the house.

A loft conversion can be a lengthy and expensive process but completely worth it for bigger families, more space and adding value to your property.

Always use a reputable company and seek professional advice if you are thinking of altering your home in anyway.

However, you may feel that moving home is a better option for you! If you are looking for a bigger family home, please get in touch here.