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Tips for student landlords

16-January-2020 14:08
in General
by Admin

Being a landlord can come with its share of challenges and regardless of whether you’re new to the industry or an experienced landlord, the problems are usually similar, especially dealing with students – some of whom are living away from home for the first time.

Below we list some of the responsibilities of a landlord.

Hopefully, these should enable you to deal with any problems your tenants may have in a professional and efficient way.


As a landlord you are responsible for yearly Gas and Electric safety checks. You will also need to make sure smoke alarms are fitted on every floor of the building – and carbon monoxide alarms in any rooms with fuel burning appliances.

Although you will be responsible for the safety checks, not all household upkeep is down to the landlord. If any appliances provided by the tenant break, the tenant would need to replace them.

You should clarify this in the lease agreement to avoid any disagreements later on.

A fully serviced/working boiler is the landlords responsibility. If the boiler leaks or breaks, you as a landlord will need to get it fixed as soon as possible.  

The landlord must also maintain the general state of the property. Meaning, it must be clean/tidy and have no safety or health hazards when tenants move in.

Once a tenant has moved in, they will be responsible for the general upkeep. However, issues like damp/mold or a pests infestation, will need to be resolved by the landlord if they result from general wear and tear.

As the owner of the property, you are entitled to inspect the property as and when you like, but you must give at least 24 hours written notice, stating you will be entering the property.

Property Repairs

When renting to anyone wear and tear is to be expected, especially if you have numerous people living in one property (not unusual when renting to students)

If there is a structural or exterior issue with the property it will be down to the landlord – along with issues with walls, flooring or broken toilets/sinks etc.

Items a tenant brings to the property are their responsibility.

Make sure you take an inventory of the property prior to a tenant moving in, this will enable you to distinguish between repairs that develop from general wear and tear, to those that are caused by a tenants neglect – take photos, these can be helpful if you ever have a dispute.

We hope you have found our tips useful! However, if you do need professional advice do get in touch here.

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