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Advice to Help Show Off your Staines or Ashford Property on a Rainy Day

15-September-2022 9:06
in General
by Admin

When selling, the attractiveness that a little summer sunshine can bring to your home is a great help, however, even if you’ve got viewings on a rainy day, there are things you can do to ensure that it doesn’t dampen how enthusiastic your potential buyers will be.

Check the forecast 

Make sure you check the weather forecasts. Although it’s not a guarantee that it won’t rain – it will give you a heads up and help you to prepare for a not so good weather day.


Consider putting the heating on during the colder months, you don’t want potential buyers to be cold if there is a significant chill in the air.

Also, if you have a fire – light it. It’s a great way to make your home feel cosy and inviting.

Light it up

Good lighting is essential on a dull day, so turn on some lamps to stop your rooms looking gloomy. You could also light some candles to boost the atmospheric feel of your home.


Place door mats at entry points – as well as a place for people to put wet umbrellas. This will stop mess in your property and show that you look after your property too.  

Potential buyers will want to know that the property they are looking to buy has been looked after properly.

Damp smells

You don’t want to put people off, so make sure your home not only looks good but smells good too.  

It can be a little challenging when you have rainy weather to contend with. Pets or damp shoes and clothes can sometimes leave an unpleasant odour in your home.

Buy some subtle air fresheners, you don’t want buyers to think you are hiding something by overpowering them with strong smells, even if they are pleasant.  

Scented candles are also a great way to add a subtle smell around your property, plus, they can add a cosy, atmospheric feel to your home.

Allow extra time

We all have busy schedules. But it’s a good idea to schedule extra time between property viewings in rainy weather. If driving conditions aren’t ideal, it might take longer to get there as people will be more cautious and will probably be driving more slowly.  

Reschedule if the weather conditions are really bad

If it’s only light rain, serious buyers will still show up to view your property. However, if stormy weather and heavy rain is forecast, you might want to consider rescheduling viewings as it’s not practical with those type of conditions. It will only increase the risk of someone slipping and injuring themselves. It will also increase the possibility of your floors and carpets getting damaged. It may also be a challenge for your agent and viewers to travel to your property safely. 

You also want to show your home is presentable and appealing to potential buyers. If the weather is particularly bad, this may not be possible, so rescheduling your viewing might be the right choice. 

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