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Choosing an agent to sell your home

14-August-2019 12:08
in General
by Admin

In the last few years what an estate agent is or is not expected to do has changed quite considerably. The level of services offered by agents can be quite extensive, depending on the needs of the buyer/seller. You will get some agents who will conduct property viewings on a seller’s behalf and some sellers will do the viewings themselves.

The vendor (the owner of the property) will pick and employ the agent and the vendor would usually pay any agent fees. If you are buying and looking to view a property you can only do this through the agent that has been employed to market it.

Planning to sell? When choosing an agent, make sure they have a good understanding of the current market and are knowledgeable about the property you are selling, they should also know about the local area, including what properties have been sold as well as what’s is due to come on to the local market.  People will move home every 7 years, so will have limited experience of the selling and buying process, an agent that know their stuff can be invaluable. 

Once you have chosen your agent, they should have buyers who are looking for similar properties set and ready to view your home. A good agent will know and understand the vendors’ situation and what they are expecting to achieve through the sale of the property.  Depending on what the buyer is able to offer, a quick completion or a chain free move for instance! Your agent can help to broker a better deal of everyone.

Ultimately, an estate agency is about people, you need to choose the agent you feel most comfortable dealing with and the one you’d feel able to pick up the phone to if difficulties should arise during a sale or purchase.

If you choose S J Smith as your agent, will be your advisor, guide and shoulder to cry on, although we do our best to avoid tears as much as possible!

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