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Property Market in 2019

14-March-2019 9:32
in General
by Admin

Over recent months, we have heard many conflicting views and opinions on the current property market, due to current events in government and much press speculation over how the property market will be and how Estate Agents will ride the Brexit wave; however, our agents in Staines and Ashford are experiencing something completely different!

Since January 2019, we have had great success with our properties – one of the first properties we launched this year received 5 offers after a very successful open day – one offer was over the asking price! We have also recently received an offer close to £1,000,000 on one of Staines’ most expensive properties, in a very sought-after location.

Where we are based is also key to our success. Daily, we are speaking to more and more people in the area who are looking to move to Staines or Ashford, or who already live in locally and want to relocate to a bigger property and there’s no wonder why! Staines and Ashford both offer fantastic, quick links into London and run adjacent to Heathrow – with talks of there being over-night trains running into Heathrow in the near future, we are certain buying and selling locally will continue not to be a problem. Staines and Ashford also have many schools nearby with great Ofsted reports and we have seen an influx of parents moving locally so their children can go to their chosen schools.

We have noticed that property buyers and sellers seem to be more comfortable in the hands of an agent who knows their area. Over the last 6-9 months, online agents have seen more of a decrease in sales as people realise the value of working with a local, knowledgeable agent who knows their market and understands how to advise on the next steps to take in the sale or purchase of their property. Knowing they have an agent they can call, or see in branch at any time gives them faith and confidence on their sale.

Seeing is believing, so why don’t you pop into our local branch in Staines or Ashford, or alternatively get in touch with us here for a free, non-obligatory chat with one of our knowledgeable agents.

Let us show you how S J Smith beats Brexit!