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Helpful Tips for Viewing Your Forever Home

14-February-2023 10:21
in General
by Admin

House hunting for your forever home can be very daunting. It is important to consider a space that not only meets your current needs and requirements but also has the potential to grow and adapt with you in the future. Below are some factors to consider when looking for your ‘forever home’:


Location is an essential factor to consider when choosing your forever home. If you have children, check that there are schools nearby. If so, how are the schools performing, and is your potential home in the catchment area for them? Depending on your needs, check what’s nearby. For example, you may want to be within walking distance of bars and restaurants, or the local gym. On the other hand, maybe you would prefer to live in a rural location with just an essential corner shop nearby. Either way, make sure to check that the location of your future house suits your needs and requirements. You should also check out the local things to do nearby, for example, the local park or nature trials. Does the neighbourhood seem friendly – it is important that you see yourself and your family fitting in.


When buying a home, it is important to consider that there is enough room for everyone. If you are moving in with a partner and may consider having children in the future, consider choosing a home with a spare room. You may also want a spare room to create into a hobby room, for example, yoga or music. If you have pets (for example a dog) is the garden large enough for them to stretch their legs?

Scope For Expansion

You should also consider if the property has the potential to be extended in the future. This would be a great investment as well as raising the value of your home. As well as this, it would prevent the hassle of having to move to a larger house. Make sure you also check whether the property can be legally extended before getting your hopes up!


It is very important to keep some money aside for any necessary renovations or changes you would like to make to your future home. Additionally, don’t forget fees such as valuation fees, solicitor costs, and surveyor fees. It all adds up!


Make sure that you consider the internal layout of the home to ensure that it works with you and your family’s lifestyle. For example, is the kitchen large enough to meet your needs? Are the bedrooms all reasonably sized? Make sure you like the way the home is laid out and that you see yourself living here happily with no issues!

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