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How to market your home when selling in winter

13-November-2019 13:26
in General
by Admin

Some sellers believe that you should put of selling a property until the New Year, however, there are also some advantages to selling your home now.

You can see the supply of properties for sale at this time of year, decline slightly. So, you can make the most of this gap and market to eager buyers. Also, anyone looking to buy around this time of year will probably be looking to move in promptly, who wouldn’t want to start the year out in their dream home?

Due to the lower supply of properties, anyone selling now may find their property is in high demand meaning, an offer near the asking price is likely.

If you are looking to sell now, here are some tips to help…

One downside to selling now is no natural light! However, using the lighting you have in your home can make a big difference.

Check all your lights are in good working order, and the wattage is right for each room. You want to give potential buyers a cosy and warm feeling when they’re viewing your home.

Don’t forget about the outside of your home! Consider investing in some timed outside lighting. Your home will not only look attractive to buyers; it will also look like it’s occupied even when you are away from the home – great security during the darker months.

You should invest a little in the exterior look of your home, especially in winter. Remember, first impressions do count, and kerb appeal goes a long way! It’s imperative that buyers have a clear parthway to your property when viewing, clear any leaf’s or ice and snow if it’s very cold. Also, clear any low hanging branches.

The outside of a home can look quite underwhelming in winter, you might want to give everything a good clean and make sure the windows are sparkling.

Set the heating to a nice temperature when a viewing is taking place. The last thing you want is potential buyers walking into a freezing home, or one that it too hot for that matter!

Make them feel welcome and offer a warm drink, if you have time maybe even a baked snack.

It really is the case that each season has positives and negatives when marketing your property for sale. During winter, just make sure your property is warm, you and your home are inviting, and it looks well maintained. You should find you have plenty of viewings, so stock up on the baked goods!

If you are thinking of selling your home, do get in touch with us here for a market appraisal.