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Will Home Improvements Add Value to My Home?

13-October-2021 11:57
in General
by Admin

Most homeowners will perform a few home improvements over time, but how many of them truly add value to your home? When it comes time to sell up and move on, which home improvements will add the most value to the sale price?

If you are preparing to sell your house, there may be some things you can do that will add genuine value and desirability to your home. This can help make your house stand out from an identical property for sale down the road and encourage buyers to choose your house over theirs.

Let's take a closer look at some home improvements you can make that will help to boost the value of your home and why.

Fresh décor

If it has been a few years since your walls and woodwork have seen a lick of paint, then it can be worth cheering up your jaded décor with some fresh paint.

Freshening up your home is a great idea, but it can also help to neutralise the colour scheme throughout the house. You want your viewers to imagine themselves living in the house with their furniture and belongings, but their things may clash with your taste in brightly coloured walls.

Improve the kerb appeal

First impressions really do count. Did you know that potential house buyers will make up their minds about buying a property within 20 seconds of seeing it? It won't matter how neat the inside of your house is, if the exterior of your property is shabby with weeds, dead flowerpots, dirty windows, peeling paintwork, and overgrown greenery, it will be an instant turn off.

This is why you need to give your home some excellent kerb appeal! Mow the lawn, trim the hedges, clean the windows, tidy up the paintwork, get rid of old plant pots, and hang up a couple of pretty hanging baskets to create a warm welcome.

Spruce up the kitchen and bathroom

No one planning on selling their house will go to the expense of replacing their kitchen or bathroom. However, if these rooms are looking a bit dated, you can do a simple and cost-effective fix by replacing some of the kitchen and bathroom furniture, fixtures, and fittings to bring these rooms more up to date.

We are talking about replacing old taps with new ones. Adding a power shower with modern glass screens instead of a tatty shower curtain. A heated towel rail will add more appeal to the bathroom.

You can replace the kitchen cupboard handles with stylish new ones. Adding a new blind to the kitchen window can look better than an old sun-faded one. If the floor is looking rather worn, then laying down some lino flooring can be cheaper than replacing the floor.

Add an en-suite bathroom

If you have the space, adding an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom can be very appealing to buyers, especially if they have teenage children that often monopolise the family bathroom in the morning.

En-suites can be designed and installed at very cost-effective prices these days, so the chances are that you will get back more than the cost of your investment when it comes to selling your house.

Upgrade to fibre broadband

It can be one less thing for a busy couple or a family to worry about if they can move into a home that has already upgraded to fibre broadband. These days homeowners want to access the internet, download films, games, and music without delay.

With more people working from home these days, having fibre broadband is a necessity. This small asset can make the difference between a buyer choosing your house over another house without it. In some cases, having fibre broadband already installed can boost your house price by up to 10%.

If you are selling your home, these small improvements should make your home more appealing to buyers and help to get you the best price. 

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