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Tips for moving home with pets

13-June-2019 9:05
in General
by Admin

Moving home can be stressful and a lot of work especially if you have pets. We hope our tips will ensure your pet will have a happy move.

Make sure you plan your journey

You should ensure your pets are actually fit to travel, if you are in any doubt – contact your vet. If your animal is pregnant, you should also seek advice from a vet before traveling with her. Make sure you pre-plan you route to minimise the journey, always keep your pet comfortable and never leave them unattended.  

Reduce the stress

When packing, unpacking, cleaning and moving items try to keep your pet away from it all. It can be quite chaotic, keeping them away should help to reduce their stress.

Seek advice about calming products

Your vet can offer advice on calming products - these can help to make your pet feel more settled once they arrive at their new home.

Update your pets details

If you have pet insurance, you will need to let them know your new address. Also, you may need to find a new vet depending on how far you move, do your homework beforehand to save time. Make sure you update your pets microchip and any ID tags too.

Keep a similar routine

Once you arrive at your new home, try to keep to a similar routine with your pets as you had at your old home. You should find a quiet place and set up your pet. Give them their toys, bed and create a place they can feel save. Remember when you are unpacking, your pet won’t understand what is happening.

Finally, when there is some calm, let your pets explore, keep watch to make sure they don’t get too excited and cause damage to the home.  

We hope these tips will help if you are planning to move home with pets! If you need any further property advice, get in touch with us here