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3 Simple Steps to Help you Find your Dream Home

13-May-2022 10:25
in General
by Admin

Planning for the future? Are you thinking of moving and looking for your next home? Finding the perfect property can be mind-boggling and searching can be disheartening, but keep at it. Take it step by step and use the below tips to help you find your dream home.

Your budget

You’re looking to move but are unsure about what you can afford. You should get a few appraisals from local estate agents, so you know what your current home is worth. You’ll then understand the potential capital you have to use for your next move.

Work out a realistic budget, make sure you include any debt or mortgage that needs to be paid off, any moving costs or furnishings needed in your new home, and any future savings you may need.

Having a clear and concise breakdown will help make your dream to move happen. If you want to clear any debts, set aside savings and inheritance, you need to know the budget you have from the get-go.

Your priorities

When you’re looking at potential homes it’s easy to forget the objective. Think about why you’re moving and make a list of what your new homes ‘must haves’ are. Next look at what it needs to offer, then look at the wish list of things you would love. If it’s all about location for you, for example, refine your property search to the main priority.

By keeping sight of the end goal and focusing on what’s paramount, you’ll feel inspired by the right search results and able to find that dream home.


Do you know what’s currently available? Searching for property is mainly online nowadays, and with such a fast-paced market you can easily miss opportunities daily.

Online property companies offer an easy way to search for properties, their portals have advanced filtering options so you can really narrow it down to include what you’re looking for. You could find your ideal home is a few clicks away.

Make sure you get help from the experts. Here at S J Smith, we support our customers through every step of the buying process and have been assisting people in Ashford and Staines to secure their dream home for many years.

We can offer guidance and try to relieve the stress of searching alone. Your dream home could be in reach.

Need help with your search to find a dream home? Do feel free to contact our experts HERE. We can answer your questions and help to value your current home.