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Tips to Sell Your Home in November

12-November-2020 12:41
in General
by Admin

Homes still sell well during this time and there are plenty of ways to use autumn to your advantage!

Below we list some ways to make your home seem more appealing.

Make Your Home Cosy

If you have viewings on a particularly dull day, you can use artificial lighting to make your home cosy. Don’t over-do it though, you want people viewing your property to get a homely feel as soon as they enter.  

If you have a fireplace turn that on or use table lamps. Get some nice, scented candles or incense to make the home smell fresh and inviting.


Be sure to maintain the outside of your home, this is the first thing potential buyers will see! Kerb appeal goes a long way when selling a home. Maintain it by sweeping leaves, remove any loose branches, and trim shrubs back. Consider buying some plants to add more colour and life to the garden such as holly and other berry-producing plants.

You can also install outdoor lights; this will make the home feel safe and welcoming.

Household Jobs

You want potential buyers to see that your home is well maintained and looked after. Make sure you do any household jobs that have been pushed back. Fix any drafts in the windows and doors, clear the guttering, and clean the roof of any leaves and loose branches. Check for creaking in floorboards and doors.

Ask Us!

Finally, you should ask us what we think should be done. We can suggest what type of photos to take, offer advice on how to make your home appealing to buyers, and how to stand out in the market.

Selling and need any property advice? Please do get in touch with our team here.