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Which Room in Your House Can Make or Break a Sale?

12-October-2022 9:27
in General
by Admin

Selling your house can often be tricky, especially when you don't know what your prospective buyers are looking for. However, most home buyers have a wish list in their heads of what they want to see in a property they are viewing. 

In many cases, a buyer's wish list can boil down to a few key features, such as a large garden for their family, a quiet location to retire to, spacious bedrooms with plenty of built-in storage, a period feature fireplace, or an airy conservatory or garden room to relax in. 

The more you can tick your buyer's wish list, the higher the chance that they will go on to buy your property. While it is impossible to please everyone, key rooms in your house have more chance of winning over prospective buyers, and maximising their features will help secure a sale. 

These are the most likely rooms in your home that will impress your house viewers and attract a high offer price.

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and for families especially, it is the room that will be the deciding factor. Modern family life revolves around a well-planned out kitchen. Ensuring you have plenty of worktop space for informal breakfasts, homework, and enough elbow room for family to gather around and chat while helping prepare dinner are winning kitchen features. 

Many families are doing away with formal dining rooms in favour of combined kitchen and breakfast rooms, making the space more flexible for family use. Open-plan living is far more family-friendly than a separate kitchen and dining room. If you can easily remove the wall between your kitchen and dining room to create more space, it can be worth the investment, and the building expenses can often be returned with a higher offer price. 

Bath or shower rooms 

For busy families on the go, having a shower in the bathroom is a must, especially if the whole family shares one main bathroom. Modern family life leaves little time for long, luxurious baths, so a well-appointed bathroom with a roomy shower will be a winner for buyers with a young family. 

This doesn't mean you need to do away with the bathtub in favour of a shower. You can combine both with a stylish, contemporary bath/shower combination that offers the flexibility of a quick shower before work or a long bath and a good book for a relaxed evening when the kids are in bed. 

Living Room 

The living room is where everyone spends their downtime after work and at weekends, so having a living room space that works well for the whole family is a winning feature when it comes to selling your home. Combining living and dining spaces is an ideal way to open up closed-off dining rooms and incorporate the space into daily living, creating a more open and inviting living area with enough space for the family to spread out and entertain friends. 

It would help if you made sure there are enough sockets around the room to accommodate the many electrical gadgets that come with family life these days. Gone are the days when living rooms had one or two plug sockets. These days families need to power laptops, tablets, mobile phones, routers, home entertainment suites, and game consoles. Prospective buyers will be happy to know they can move in and won't need to install extra sockets to meet their needs. 


Modern-day family lives are very different from the past. These days families prefer more open-plan living that maximises the use of all available space. Knowing how to present the key rooms of your home to show off their potential will help please more prospective buyers and attract a higher offer price for your property. 

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