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How to decorate your rental and still keep your deposit

12-May-2020 12:40
in General
by Admin

If you are renting you may want to add some personal touches but don’t want to lose your deposit once you move out. When making changes to your rental property you should always ask your landlord and get his approval in writing. This will make it easier to prove if you need to revert things back to how they were before once your tenancy ends.


You can repaint and get creative quite easily. A new colour can make your mind feel fresher and even open up a room. It can make the space feel cleaner and new.

You can paint door and window frames, maybe sand them down first to make sure they’re smooth but this can really help you add that personal touch. You can use an over coat to give the frames that sleek glossy look.

You can create murals; this is great fun and you can include your kids as well. You can use tester pots or leftover paint from previous projects.

Select a small section of wall behind a desk or bed or the side of the staircase wall. You can start with a monochrome graphic mural in a single colour or if you’re feeling ambitious pick three different colours.

You can allocate each colour to different shapes and create something pretty and unique.

Update your handles

You can change your door handles or cupboard handles. This can make a huge difference to the feel of the furniture and to the room.

Just make sure you measure the fittings, so you aren’t drilling any new holes and damaging any furniture that’s part of the rental.

Rearrange your room

Rearranging your room can be the perfect way to make your home look fresher. It will give you a chance to sort through things and declutter but also allow you to be more creative and open up more space in each room.

Just be moving a piece of furniture to a different area can make your room look completely different and your mind feel more relaxed.

We hope these tips help with ideas if you are thinking of updating your rental property.

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