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Tips for first time property investors

12-March-2020 10:03
in General
by Admin

When investing for the first time it can be daunting. Don’t worry, we are here to help ease your worries and give you a few easy tips to follow.


Firstly, read some guides or articles on investing. This can help you gather some basic knowledge and the gist of what goes into investing and what to do. Gathering as many sources and advice from people will only help you make more educated choices.

Check property prices. Depending on the location, prices can go up and down quickly, being knowledgeable on how to keep track of that and the market in general is very useful.


When choosing a location, pick a place that people would want to live. Depending on your tenants, you need to consider local schools to attract families, public transport for students, local amenities etc.

Also, your budget will determine where you can purchase, for example if you can afford a property of £200,000, you may get more for your money on a property outside the city and more north.


Are your finances in check? You won’t be able to invest into a property if you can’t get the finance in place. If you do get it on finance, you then need to look at different companies who you trust.

Get good at cash flow management, what this means is being able to track how much money is coming in and going out of the property. If you’re able to keep track of it, you can determine any changes and what works best. This can help you work out, initial costs, rent, maintenance and what to do if there’s a void period.

Set Goals:

The moment you invest into a property, you should set targets to reach. Not only will this keep you interested but you’ll feel more fulfilled when they work out. These targets need to be realistic, if you set a target to high, you’ll only disappoint yourself. If you don’t reach your targets you know there’s something wrong or something needs to change and that’s what the cash flow management can help with.

We hope these tips will offer a little guidance if you are investing, you just need to make sure you’re determined and financially stable.

If you are looking to invest, you can get in touch for honest advice here.