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Top Tips for Attracting Tenants

12-February-2021 12:48
in General
by Admin

Presentation is key to attracting new tenants, especially when the buy-to-let sector is highly competitive.

Here are somethings that could put tenants off and some advice on how to avoid doing them.


Tenants will arrive with their own stuff, even if it is a furnished let. The property looks more appealing where there isn’t unwanted clutter and enough storage space for their own things to be placed. It may be your property but they’re the ones who have to live there and they’ll want to make it a little bit personalised where they can.

Old Looking Walls

If the walls haven’t been painted in years, it can often give off the wrong impression, you want to present a nice home. You want tenants to feel welcomed and making sure the property is maintained should achieve this.

Unfinished DIY Tasks

Make sure you finish any outstanding DIY projects. If rooms are only half repaired or half decorated it can be disheartening to tenants and the last thing they’ll want are issues to occur or have their landlord working in the property trying to fix things.

Scruffy Gardens

Presentation is always important! Plus, if you have multiple people staying at once, a nice communal area for people to socialise in, will be a great attraction. Try to make any outdoor space easy to maintain for tenants, not everyone is green-fingered and into gardening.

Unkept Bathrooms/ Kitchens

These rooms being unkept is a sure way to lose a tenant. A bathroom needs to look fresh and new; nobody wants to get clean in a shower that’s old and dirty.

A kitchen also needs to look clean and updated. People want to make their food in a nice hygienic area. If the kitchen is not clean properly it can cause health issues. A good scrub, updated handles, and a fresh lick of paint can do wonders.

Malfunctioning Domestic Appliances

Lastly, leaky washing machines, old kettles, or a broken thermostat can also be a turn-off. If a tenant is paying for a room they’ll be expecting everything to be working in top condition. Also, if you handle these issues before they move in, it’s fewer problems for you to deal with when the property is occupied.

 We hope these tips will help you to know what tenants want.

 If you are looking to buy-to-let and need advice, please do feel free to contact our team here.