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Four weeks back

10-June-2020 13:21
in General
by Admin

Thursday 11th June marks four weeks from the reopening of our business, and at S J Smith Estate Agents the property market is still as buoyant as ever. According to Property Website Zoopla, house sales have increased 137% since the reopening of the market, and house pricing increased by 6% from the beginning of March.

The ‘would-be’ buyers that were pondering the thought of moving before lockdown have given Estate Agents the wave of new activity. It seems now many people are generally looking to upsize, and majority are coming out of the London Boroughs and searching for a commuter town lifestyle. Having a property in such a prime location with easy access to London Waterloo, a good size town, and The River Thames would be sold in no time.

If you are considering a sale of your property or are on the market unsold and you’re not seeing this activity reflected in your property, please contact your local S J Smith Estate Agents office here!