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Baby Boom!

10-May-2019 10:49
in General
by Admin

Unless you’ve been living in an igloo for the last few weeks, you couldn’t help but notice that there’s been a Royal birth, which has caused much celebration throughout the world and has caused even a lowly estate agent innocently walking through Windsor to be interviewed by French TV for his opinion on likely names of the new arrival! Whatever your feelings on the matter, it has at least served to deflect the media’s attention from Brexit for a while, which is a good thing if only for the sake of variety!

At S J Smith Estate Agents we have noticed that,  whether it’s the Prince Archie effect taking focus off of the Brexit issue or the fact that the again postponed date of leaving has caused all the ‘wait and see’ buyers to plunge back into the market, sales in recent weeks have taken off – in a big way! Buyers still need skilled handling to bring out the best offers but at S J Smith we find demand outstripping supply in many sectors, which is good news for the market.

If you are considering a sale of your property or are on the market unsold, please contact S J Smith Estate Agents here and see how we can help!