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DIY Safety Tips for Homeowners

09-August-2022 11:18
in General
by Admin

With us well into the summer holidays, lots of us will be tackling those home DIY projects that have been put off over the winter months.

But, before you grab your tools and start a project, it’s essential that you make sure safety is a top priority. You want to protect yourself, the people around you, and your home.

So, to help you be prepared, below we list some tips to help you stay safe when tackling projects in the home.


Make sure you have the correct clothing before starting any projects. Also, remove any jewellery/watches or loose clothing, as these can catch on moving parts or power tools and could cause a serious injury.

Depending on the type of project, you may want to invest in some personal protective equipment – like gloves, masks, safety goggles, etc.

Fire Safety

Have a working fire extinguisher close by to ensure you stay safe during DIY work. Any oily or flammable rags should be stored in a metal, airtight container, ideally half-filled with water. Dispose of these following local regulations.


You may find that lighting in your home doesn’t cut it, so use bright overhead lighting in your workspace.


Your reaction time will be slower if you’re tired, so don’t do any DIY projects until you've had a rest and feel awake and alert. Also, avoid using tools if you’ve consumed alcohol or have taken medication, as these can make you groggy.


If you're not working alone, make sure you are aware of where others are and keep children and pets away from the work area at all times.

Always keep cables and wires behind you to avoid tripping. If you’re moving heavy objects, devise a route beforehand. Get someone who is capable to assist and lift the object with your feet apart. From your knees, bend slightly, and lift – most importantly, keep your back straight throughout.

Follow Instructions/Correct Use

It’s obvious but always have a good read of the instructions for any new equipment and ensure you understand how it works. Before plugging in a power tool check all the settings and never leave them unattended. Before leaving the room, unplug any tools you’re using and make sure they are kept away from any children.

Never transport power tools using the cord and always keep cords away from heat and sharp objects.

Know What Your Limits Are

Just because you're handy it doesn’t mean you can handle every type of DIY project. Most plumbing and electrical work are tasks where it’s probably best to hire a professional – this ensures the job is completed to a high standard.

If you are looking to resell, all work will need to be professionally certified and inspected. If you don’t need a passcode, you may find you’ll be in big trouble down the line.

If you are planning a DIY project this summer, always make sure you do it safely.

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