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What to look for when buying a forever home

09-July-2020 11:27
in General
by Admin

If you’re thinking of buying a new home, there’s some things you should consider. Especially if this is the home you want to settle in for a long time.


You can make changes to your home but not your neighbourhood. When looking for a new home where you are is important, you need to make sure you’ve got transport options, good schools, and easy access to work. You don’t want to be in an area that’s traffic heavy, but you also want to be within a good distance of a shopping centre or town.

Is Size Important?

You don’t always need to go for the biggest house, other factors are just as important. You have to consider things like, are you planning on having kids? Are you downsizing because your kids have moved out? You need to think about how much space you realistically need and whether it fits your way of living. For example, don’t buy a small kitchen if you enjoy cooking and entertaining. Don’t buy a massive garden if you hate gardening and maintenance.

Natural Light

Sunlight can affect your mood and is really important for your body’s natural clock. Getting as much natural light in your place can really open a space up and won’t make you feel claustrophobic in your space.


Bathrooms are very important, no one wants a rundown old-fashioned bathroom, however bathroom renovations can be very expensive and slightly difficult depending on how the plumbing has been done – try and find a place you won’t need to make as many changes too.

The Right Layout

Some homes have different layouts. It depends on what you like, do you like an open plan or a traditional dining room, separate living room? When trying to get a forever home, it’s important to think about what kind and how it will suit your present and future. For example, if you have a baby you may want the master bedroom to be right next to the baby room. Or have a joint bathroom toilet rather than separate.

Bad Kerb Appeal

Kerb appeal is how nice the place looks outside. There are loads of quick fixes to a bad kerb appeal e.g. a coat of paint, power washing, planting flower beds etc. so don’t be quick to write off a home because of bad kerb appeal, as long as it’s not a structural problem then it’s a quick fix.

You Can’t Change Your Neighbours

If you can talk to your potential neighbours. Ask them what they think of the area and how long they’ve been there for. Ask them what you need to get more information on the area and help you decide.

Landscape Maintenance

How much garden work and maintenance would you need to do? The beautiful trees surrounding your home will begin to lose leaves and you’ll have to rake them and cut them back regularly. You need to be honest about how much work and upkeep you’re willing to do.

We hope these tips will help you find your forever home.

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