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Easy Fall Home Maintenance Tips

08-October-2020 11:27
in General
by Admin

Fall is a good time to start protecting your home in time for winter. The weather is just about changing and many of us have switched our central heating back on.

If you are looking to eventually sell, keeping your home seasonally maintained will not only help with its appearance – your property should retain its value too.

Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your home in its best condition during winter.

Check Seals

Simply run your finger around the seals by the windows and doors and check for hidden gaps or holes. If needed, get a professional in to repair or replace any more difficult or significant issues.

The seals around the windows and doors can make a lot of difference to the temperature of your home which can save you money on your heating bills.

Frozen Pipes

Make sure to cut off any exterior water pipes, as they can cause flooding. Make sure you empty the pipes beforehand before turning off the valve.

If your area gets really cold, it may be a good idea to wrap the pipes with heating tape to stop them from freezing.

If you’re leaving your home for an extended period during winter, a good tip is to have your heating on a timer for a short time. This will ensure that your pipes are kept warm and no water is left to freeze.

Boiler Inspection

Before the weather goes really cold it’s a good idea to get your boiler checked and serviced. You want everything to be in working order so everyone can keep warm, you can get a boiler care plan, this can cover your boiler, drains, toilets, and electrics.

Check Your Roof

Winter storms can be harsh and the last thing you want is a leak or blocks in your gutters and drains. Getting it checked regularly can prevent mould and having to invest in a new roof.

Prepare for The Unexpected

Preparing for possibilities can make your life much easier when things do go wrong. Check that all smoke alarms and appliances are checked – the last thing you want is a fire or things to break.

With winter on its way, being on top of everything can save you money in the long run and keep you comfortable during the colder months.

If you are looking to sell and need property advice, our team will be happy to assist.

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