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Summer Nights

08-July-2019 14:04
in General
by Admin

As we enter what is technically known as 'Summer' here in the UK, one of the benefits is that the longer, lighter evenings are far more accommodating for property viewings. Viewing a property on a warm summers eve can definitely warm even the coldest of buyers hearts, with gardens looking lovelier, evening sun bathing the buildings and, for the finishing touch, a chilled bottle of wine strategically placed on a garden table to remind the viewers of the pleasant evenings to come in the garden - if they choose to make an offer!

At S J Smith Estate Agents we find that our policy of staying open until 7.00pm really pays off at this time of year. Not only does it allow commuters and other buyers to be freed from the time pressures of an agent's 6 o'clock cut off, to be able to view in a less frantic frame of mind, it also shows off properties to their very best!

So, if you are considering a sale or are on the market unsold, please call S J Smith Estate Agents and let us show your property off at its very best!

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