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Prepare for a property viewing

08-May-2019 11:49
in General
by Admin

Presentation really does matter. Potential buyers are coming to look at your property so, you need to try and show your home in its best light.

Buyers shouldn’t need to imagine how good it could be! Show the strengths of your property when conducting viewings. You want to impress.

Check out our tips for preparing your home for a property viewing.

Outside Appeal

A lot of buyers will make a drive-by visit before they decide whether or not to book a viewing of your property. Make sure you tidy the outside of your home, mow the lawn regularly, remove weeds from your beds or pathways and trim hedges. You might want to give the front door and window frames a lick of paint and put some flowers in pots or baskets outside your property. You want to entice them!

Living Areas

Clutter makes any room feel smaller and will make it harder for buyers to imagine living in your home – declutter! If your home has any distinctive features, make sure these can be fully appreciated. Pull back the curtains and let natural daylight flood in. If it’s winter, keep the house warm but, whatever season it is, you should regularly open the windows to let fresh air in.


Clear away toiletries, makeup and bottles that seem to accumulate in the bathroom. Make sure any children’s bath toys are not on show and put out clean, folded towels. All bath and shower fittings should be given a deep clean. Again, open windows this will clear away moisture. If mould has accumulated, you should replace bath and shower sealants.


Give the kitchen a deep clean! Polish all fittings, surfaces, cupboards and appliances. Clean the oven and any other appliances that are included in the sale. Get rid of any clutter on the surfaces and make sure the draining area and sink are completely clear. If you have pets their bowls should be cleared away, ask a friend or neighbour to take care of your pets during a viewing, your potential buyers may not be keen, and it might distract (or scare) them from your property. Also, be sure to let in a blast of fresh air to clear any kitchen cooking smells.


Don’t overlook the garden as for many people it’s one of the biggest selling points. Clear away rubbish, weeds and mow the lawn, put out some plants and cut back any overgrown bushes, especially in smaller gardens.

We hope our tips help show your home at its best! If you do need further advice from us, please do get in touch here.