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Tips for Showing Buyers Around Your Home

07-December-2022 11:58
in General
by Admin

If you have interest in your home, you are doing things right, but until you’ve turned viewers into buyers, there’s still a way to go. It can come down to how the viewing is conducted, so here are some tips for showing someone around your home.

Getting a property ready to sell

You should always give any guest to your home a warm welcome but when it comes to pleasing buyers, it’s all about the first impression. Once you’ve welcomed the viewer, you should provide them with any information about the home (including printed material) but make sure you also give them time and space to view the property.

Be sure to make it clear that you are on hand to answer questions, but let people view your property without rushing them.

Check the temperature

Summer sale? Try to make your home cool so it’s not stifling heat that makes people uncomfortable while walking around your home. If it’s a winter sale, you want to make sure it’s warm and that people aren’t too cold.

Set a good temperature level in advance, as some heating/air conditioning systems can be quite noisy – you’ll create a better impression if you don’t subject viewers to unnecessary noise.

Show off features

If you have any special features like a fireplace or a water feature in the garden, make sure that you show these off. Anything extra that makes your home standout and stick in a potential buyers mind is a big plus.  

Smells and scents  

You’ll want to eliminate any unpleasant smells in your home, but don’t go overboard with air fresheners or deodorisers. You can make people suspicious of what you are trying to hide and leave them thinking negatively about your home. Also, you may have viewers who are allergic to these products, so keep this in mind.

If you air out your home before viewers arrive, it will be easier to create an atmosphere that is attractive to everyone.

If you are considering fresh bread or cookies, you should provide these items to your guests. The smell will make people assume they will be on offer, and they can feel a little put out if they aren’t.

Ask for feedback

Some people prefer not to receive feedback about what people think of their home, but you should welcome it. You could find out that you’ve overlooked a problem or that something, in particular, has put the viewer off. Asking people to provide you with feedback, is a positive thing.

This feedback will enable you to present your property better at the next viewings or you may be able to resolve any issues and invite viewers back.

The viewing stage is absolutely crucial when selling and we hope these tips will give you ideas on how to manage a viewing in the best way.

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