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Trump Card

07-June-2019 12:28
in General
by Admin

Love him or loathe him, the 45th President of the United States is visiting the UK, so we can expect to see a mixture of ‘Stars and Stripes’ flags being waved and angry placards being hoisted in equal measure! It’s not clear as yet whether the visit will extend to Staines Upon Thames but we will be keeping an extra eye out for limousines, just in case!

One interesting aspect of the visit already has been Trump’s endorsement of Boris Johnson for Tory leader, and looking at the wider field of candidates, there is a consistent theme across them of supporting the economy, whatever their specific Brexit view, and a stable outlook is all that is required to sustain the noticeable improvement that we have seen across the property market since March – the result of which has been a real turnaround in buyer sentiment and at S J Smith Estate Agents we have seen that surge in numbers bringing back a welcome but lately unfamiliar problem, not enough houses available to buy!

If you are considering a sale or are already on the market and not experiencing the uplift in activity that you should be, please call  S J Smith Estate Agents or visit our website here and see how we can help!