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Could maintaining the outside of your property add value to your house price?

06-July-2021 15:29
in General
by Admin

When it comes to adding value to your home, there are plenty of small ways that could inflate the price tag. Sure, you're not going to be knocking down walls to make an open plan interior before you leave, but there are ways that you can really show off a properties potential to a buyer.

To make sure that you make a decent sale, show off a garden that has been well kept, make sure that windows are clean and spotless, get the pressure washer out and do some hard work! It will all be worth it when you can add a few extra thousand to the asking price

Certain projects are quick and easy and can add instant interior appeal, other larger projects such as giving the exterior a facelift will take time and effort, but ultimately will be worth it. 

Improving the exterior 

The very first thing a potential buyer will see is the exterior. People want to buy a house they know is well maintained, so that they can avoid hefty additional costs in fixing issues in the future. Whilst browsing through listings, nobody views the house with a mattress in the front yard. Yes, that is an extreme example, but you’d be surprised. Let’s have a look at a few basic ways you can add value to the exterior:

Walls and roof

A power washer to a house is what teeth whitening and hair dye is to a person. A few hours of hard work; spraying the walls, driveway, and roof tiling can take years of dirt and grime off of your home. Replacing broken roof tiles is also a major way to up value, and make your house stand out more than others in your neighbourhood. 

Ensuring that the buyer has to go through the minimum amount of hassle is a key sales point. If a potential buyer sees that there is a great deal of cleaning to be done, they may disregard the property as too much effort. 

A point that is often forgotten about is guttering. Your potential buyer could visit on a rainy day. And to see water pouring out of a broken bit of guttering is rather disconcerting. Make sure that the gutters are clear, that water drains properly, and that any cracks are repaired.  


Even if you don't have a green thumb, there are many ways that you can smarten up your outside space. Many sturdy plants need little to no maintenance and can make a place look far more inviting. If you have a lawn, make sure it is mowed before a viewing. Ensure that everything is clean and tidy. It sounds simple, but taking these steps can ensure you squeeze your property for every penny you can. 

If your garden is too much to handle, hiring a gardener would still pay dividends in the future. Getting started is the hardest part of taking on a large outdoor project. If you hire a gardener to do the hard part, then do the easy maintenance yourself, your house price will rise as a result.  

Doors and Windows

A tattered front door is not very welcoming. If the front door needs replacing, although costly, it can really make the house look a lot better. Especially if all of the previous steps are taken, some shoddy painting on the front door can ruin the look of the whole house. Make sure your house number or name is somewhere to be seen too! A buyer could get lost looking for your property simply because it isn’t well signposted. 

Making sure that the windows aren't dirty and greasy will also impress a potential buyer. It truly is the little things that people look for that can improve the look of your house. 

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