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Home improvement do’s and don’ts

06-May-2020 12:50
in General
by Admin

Transforming a room on a budget

The best thing you can do is clean your windows. This can really open up your room especially with the change of weather and seasons. By allowing as much light in as possible it opens up the space and brings some life back into your home.

Which room should you upgrade for more value?

The kitchen and bathroom are where most of your value will be added. However, they are also the most expensive rooms to maintain and refurbish.

The grouting is the most noticeable area and sign that the room needs some TLC. If the grout looks old and grubby then it’s time to clean or re-grout.

When cleaning appliances you should definitely clean everywhere, even if it is not on show, these things spread, and it is also hygienic to have a good wipe over – clear any limescale or grime from your taps too.

There are some other small things that can make a difference. You can change door handles on cupboards or improve any woodwork. All of these changes can make a huge improvement to a room without spending a lot.

Refreshing a room without buying furniture

The good tip is to clear all your shelves and put everything in the middle. Once you have given everything a good clean, you can then re-organise ornaments and pictures. Just by placing things in different areas of the room can bring a new and fresh look.

Often, this can be very therapeutic as well.

Getting your home ready for sale after lockdown

People want their home to feel like a home, you should not worry about depersonalising your rooms too much. People want to see that the space can be lived in and how things can be placed.

As long as the place is clean and not cluttered, selling should not be too difficult. Selling? We can help you to find the perfect buyer for your home.

What prints and colours are on trend?

Never be too scared to use prints and bright colours. Prints are a great way to bring emotion and a story to your home.

There is no better way to express your personality than the use of prints and colour, so don’t be shy.

Upcycling furniture

This is an amazing way to keep old furniture and make it look new for little cost. With wooden furniture you can sand it down and repaint. You can also cover chairs or stools with new fabrics. This is a really good way to add your own style and not waste money on new things.

If you are looking to sell your home, we hope our tips help you to present a clean, de-cluttered and stylish home to potential buyers.

If you need property advice, please feel free to get in touch here.