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05-August-2019 11:38
in General
by Admin

It's not the TV quiz show that has put the above question into everyone's minds but more the fashion with which we exit (or don't exit) the EU, and more importantly what effect that will have on the economy generally and for those looking to sell or buy a property at the moment, how it will affect the housing market!

At S J Smith Estate Agents we are finding that the local market is proving resilient to these concerns, partly perhaps because our local economy benefits from global links via our largest local employer, Heathrow Airport, which makes us less dependent of the UK economy, partly perhaps because there is still a demand for what our local provides, access to London, to the Surrey countryside, the River Thames and all at prices which provide real value for money..or perhaps it's because at S J Smith Estate Agents we have the most experienced local teams, our offices are open for the longest hours locally making us much more available than most agents or because as a company S J Smith spend more money per client on marketing than any of competitors!

Whatever the reason, S J Smith Estate Agents are bucking the trend and if you're considering selling or buying a property locally, we'd love to show you why! Please contact your nearest office who will be delighted to help!

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